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What is the Food Safety Foundation?

It's a better way to collaborate on Food Safety.


How? Watch the video to learn more.

What are the Benefits of Joining The Food Safety Foundation?

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Food Safety Mastermind

A Mastermind is a way of collaborating that is not new, but it is not used in Food Safety. With a Mastermind, you gain access to expertise that is normally inaccessible to you. Watch the video to learn more.

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Food Safety Plan Reviews

You need to find out if your Food Safety Plan is going to cause an issue with FDA - before they come to your plant. Utilize our expertise to help you find hidden gaps in your plan and fix them before it's an issue.

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Food Safety Reports

It is impossible to keep up with everything that is going on. The Food Safety Foundation is your one-stop source to find out what is going on regarding food safety and take action to protect your business.

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Food Safety Interviews

Learn what the food safety experts are thinking and the impact on your future activities. Gain insight and use it to accelerate your growth and knowledge in food safety.

Bonus at Platinum Membership Level!

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Q&A Calls

Roundtable calls on hot topics and the ability to ask your food safety questions real-time. Analysis of recalls and warning letters so you stay up on the issues that impact your career.


Food Safety is something that is not done in a vacuum. It's something that needs to grow within us. Every day is an opportunity to expand and grow.

We could make money in easier ways, we choose not to, because it's that important.


Cris U.

“Bryan always goes above and beyond when he works with his clients. He was always available and willing to lend a hand. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to produce a great product!”


Leslie J.

 "The two most notable takeaways I’ve gained through working with Bryan are a strengthened ability to analyze situations and make informed decisions based on rational judgment, and strategies for making continual progress towards my goals. He will push you when and where you need to be pushed but lean back enough to let you pave your own way forward. If you have the opportunity to work with him, take it."

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Eric H.

"One of Bryan's most impressive attributes is his breadth of knowledge. Not only does he possess an in-depth understanding of Food Quality Systems and Regulations, but he is also equally proficient in how to mitigate the impact of Food Recalls. Bryan’s knowledge combined with his excellent problem-solving skills allows him to quickly adapt to any situation and provide timely and accurate solutions."

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