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Executive Management in Food & Beverage Manufacturing/Dietary Supplement/Vitamins & Nutrition; Meats, Poultry, Diary, QA/QC-Operational Functions, Quality Management Systems, Food Safety, Sanitation Operations, Project Managements, Lean Manufacturing, & Regulatory Affairs/Organizational Leadership & Operations Management: SQF, BRC, GFSI USDA, FDA, & ISO Specialist. · Propel food manufacturing growth and profit as a precisely passionate quality management systems perfectionist who provides vision and collaborative team leadership on a domestic and international scale

· An Industrial Technologist, Organization Leadership Practitioner, Entire operational & processing of protein of beef, chicken & dietary products in RTE & Raw Meats Facilities. Consistently ensure the most productive, cost-efficient, and exemplary solutions to QA/QC systems and safety/regulatory compliance through exact decision making and food science expertise. Better Process Authority Expert Thermal & Aseptic, highly adept problem-solver, change catalyst, and results driven strategist who is innovative and resourceful. Regulatory affairs expert and building such programs & systems to meet & exceed the regulatory sectors pertaining to FDA, USDA, SQF, GFSI & Change Management Specialist.

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