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If you have a question not on the list, drop me an email and I'll get back to you ASAP.

What is your guarantee?

Easy. When you sign up, you have 30 days to try out everything at your level of membership. If it's not for you, let me know before time is up and I'll refund your money for that time period.

How do I sign up?

The Food Safety Foundation is a screened program. Every member is evaluated before they join to verify that they will be a contributing member to the group. Food Safety collaboration and member enhancement is our only objective.

Why should I join?

Food safety is something that needs to be shared. If one company has a recall, that whole industry suffers. Everyone remembers the melamine issue in pet food, and that pets were killed as a result. Do you remember the names of the companies involved? I don't, but I do remember the industry. We need to work together to improve food safety for everyone.

Why is the program so expensive?

The average cost of a recall is now over 30 million dollars. The cost to go to a conference to talk food safety with your peers once you factor in everything is over 5,000 dollars. If you take an online course, it will set you back another 500 or more dollars. Cost is relative, the value you will receive and the protection for your company far outweigh the price.

How does the membership credit program for consulting activity work?

Simple! For every completed month you are in the Food Safety Foundation, you get an hour of credit to use with a consultant. You can use this for any purpose you want. If you join for a year, you receive 12 hours of credit for use during the year. When you sign up for a year, you get two months of membership and two hours of credit for the price of 10 months. You can also accumulate credit as well and save up your credits for a bigger project, say a 8 hour day of work. You credit is valid as long as you are in the Food Safety Foundation, they do not expire. We keep track of the hours, so just let us know when you want to use some. If you leave the Food Safety Foundation, you cannot take your credits for hours of work with you. They may not be applied to larger projects that need to be quoted out.

Who is EAS Consulting Group?

EAS Consutling Group is one of best sources for expertise in the food, dietary supplement, cannabis, and other industries. The Food Safety Foundation and EAS Consulting Group have partnered together to give you access to their resouces. It's an innovative way to get help on projects of all sizes and find talent that is right for you.