Our Purpose

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The Food Safety Foundation and EAS Consulting Group

have joined forces to help you reach your food safety objectives.

Why should you care?

Because the best way to do a project is the most direct path.

We have over 100 experts in all areas of food safety, someone to help you with any issue you have.


Our team of experts averages over 20 years of direct experience that you can leverage for your success.


- Regulatory Expertise

- Former FDA and USDA Leadership

- FSMA and FSVP Compliance

- Quality System Development

- Allergen Control

- Supplier Management Programs

- Crisis and Recall Execution

(You get the idea...)

The key to drilling down to the right answer is knowing whom to ask.

We give you that access, housed in a secure and private membership site.

How do we do this?

We break down the barriers between companies and industries.

In order to grow, we have to teach and learn from each other.

Reach out to those who share your passion for food safety and network.

Teach them what you know, show them the lessons you have learned the hard way.

In return, they will do the same for you.

That's how life works, and it's how we need to tackle this issue.

Helping each other and growing together.

Join us on our mission to make the world a better and safer place for us all.


Our Mission


Our mission is simple, we live by the creed that


"Food Safety is NOT a Point of Competition"

Because it's not.


If one company has a recall, we all suffer.


Every year food recalls still remain at the same level.

People ask why it keeps happening.

We know the answer.

We don't share what we learn with others.

That's a shame.

It's the only way to grow and reach the next level.

We need to change our approach.

Our Vision

Our vision is trust.

Maintaining trust in our food supply.

Food is more than nourishment, it is family.

We are here to protect that sacred bond.

Our vision is to grow and strengthen that trust in the food supply for us all.

Everyone benefits from food safety.

- Companies

- Brands

- People

We need to trust the food we provide to our families.

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