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Food Safety is a passion in my life, and I bet it is for you, too.


It's why you are here.

Food Safety is hard, it's a thankless profession. But, why?

It's because if you do everything right, no one notices your efforts.

Safety in food is expected, but it must be enacted. You need to act.

Join us and work together to put safe food on every table, every time.

Food Safety Expert

Bryan has worked with food safety for over 20 years. He managed the function of multi-billion dollar companies.


He was involved with recommendations to FDA for the Foreign Supplier Verification Program regulations. 

public Speaker

Bryan is available to speak at your conference or company event.

He can speak on a variety of topics including management systems, team development, food safety, regulatory and design control for new product development.

Quality Systems Expert

If you want to build world-class quality systems and save time, money, and protect your consumer, Bryan can help. He understands what needs to be done at the plant on the floor and in the boardroom.

Advisor and Consultant

The best way to improve is to utilize experts and advisors to help you objectively improve - both in your personal development and in your quality systems and programs.

Best Selling Author


The New Manager Mindset

"How to Master the Four Secrets of Leadership

That College Doesn't Teach You"

Why I Wrote This Book

You learn a lot from those who come before you. if I hadn't had the right mentor come along, my career would have been very different. That's what I want to pass along what I have learned to those who are now just starting out.

Learn from the mistakes of others - don't reinvent the wheel.

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Interview with Joe Dager at Business 901